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In the meanwhile, here is a little information to get you started with better living.  Essential Oils (EO) are there to support your quest for healthier living . . . better living


YLstarterkit2 Current kit contains the following oils:

And if you are wondering where you can purchase your Young Living everyday oils starter kit, send us and email at the link below. 

We will send you information on how to to become a Young Living member and buy at wholesale rates. 

Or if interested in becoming a business member, we can help set you up with a business account and earn commissions from helping others on their way to Better Living. If you have figured it out on your own through a search on the youngliving.com website, still  send us an email so we can keep the connection to your member account and continue to help you with a number of excellent resources that wrap around Young Living. This support to help you along with your new EO lifestyle, includes our Lemon Droppers support group and a rapidly growing subgroup J3 Lemon Droppers.

Share in the EO oily love and soon you'll be supporting your own Better Living.  Wow, that makes a lot of sense as well as $dollars$. 

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